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Planning and Deploying Microsoft Purview for the Antea Group

Cyclotron led the planning and deployment of Microsoft Purview. This allowed the Antea Group to successfully implement a scalable framework that facilitates the identification and encryption of sensitive data.

THE CLIENT Antea Group is an international engineering and environmental consulting firm specializing in solutions in the fields of environment, health and safety, and sustainability. With more than 3,000 employees in across the globe., they serve clients ranging from global energy companies and manufacturers to national governments and local municipalities. THE CHALLENGE Antea Group had been witnessing an increasing demand for enhanced security measures, particularly from the big tech clients, who bring stringent security requirements as part of their contracts or annual reviews. In response to this growing need, Antea Group sought a systematic and scalable approach to its survey processes, enabling efficient monitoring and compliance. They eventually adopted the Microsoft Teams platform for centralized storage and encryption. The initial challenge that prompted their engagement with Cyclotron was centered around the identification and encryption of sensitive information.

WHAT WE DID Cyclotron, a trusted Microsoft partner, led the planning and deployment of Microsoft Purview. Purview enables Antea Group to programmatically and systematically identify sensitive data and apply encryption protocols. Leveraging Cyclotron's expertise, Antea Group successfully implemented a scalable framework that facilitated the identification and encryption of sensitive data. 

“Cyclotron’s commitment to the success of our project has been great. The technical knowledge, the follow-up, and the pursuit of answers has been amazing.”
-Christopher Bone, Chief Information Security Officer, Antea Group

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Case Study - State of Michigan
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