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The throughline for communicating anytime, anywhere, and any way you want.

Modern Communications

The Cyclotron Advantage

The future of work is simple, provided you have the right tools to offer everyone from employees to customers to stakeholders a simple, predictable, and easy way to connect.


The modern workplace is centered around a team-oriented and collaborative mindset. And Cyclotron’s technology experts can move you into the ecosystem of modern communications quickly and easily. 


With Microsoft Teams, businesses have the opportunity to combine chat, video, meetings, files, and application integration all in one place.

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Uncomplicate how your company communicates

What we help you do

Calling & Meetings Assessment​

We review existing Microsoft telephony implementations, to offer recommendations for addressing meeting and call quality concerns, and development of an actionable roadmap.​​

A calling & meeting assessment from Cyclotron will provide a comprehensive review of existing Microsoft telephony and meeting systems including your session border controllers (SBC), gateways, and devices. The assessment will include recommendations for improving quality and a roadmap for addressing meeting and calling challenges. Assessments include review of usage reports, dial plans, voice policies, emergency calling, network topology, quality and failure reports, device inventory, SBC configuration, and more.


We help you understand and source Teams meeting and personal device.​​

Get the most out of your Teams investment with the right meeting room, personal, and telephony devices. Cyclotron helps you with selection and sales for the right meeting, end user, and session border controller (SBC)/gateway devices for use with Teams meetings and Teams Phone. Access hybrid meetings and Microsoft Teams Room solutions from Poly, Logitech, and others. We specialize in AudioCodes and Ribbon SBC/gateway devices, as well as IP phones from Poly and others.​


Access Cyclotron expert resources in Teams Phone, Teams meeting and Microsoft Teams Rooms.​​

Our Teams advisory services engagements provide you access to expert resources for Teams calling and meeting systems. We offer your team guidance and troubleshooting services for Teams telephony, meeting, device, and quality. We meet with your team on a regular basis to identify solutions to challenges your administration, support, and operations staff may face when using Teams calling and meeting solutions. Our advisory architects will be available to your team for regular and on-demand access to work through challenges related to Teams Phone and meeting solutions.

Teams Meetings & Microsoft Teams Rooms​

Increase productivity by enabling meetings with Teams. Learn about and enable Teams meeting and Microsoft Team Room solutions to unlock value of Teams & Microsoft 365.​​

Cyclotron helps you access the value of Microsoft 365 with Teams meetings. Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) and Teams provide you access to meetings, conferencing, webinar, and live event capabilities with the security, collaboration, and governance features of Microsoft 365. Our experts will help you select, procure, and provision Teams meeting room devices and MTR solutions to provide better hybrid meeting experiences for your organization. Leverage Microsoft Intune and Azure to administer Teams meeting and MTR devices. Cyclotron’s expertise with Teams meetings is reflected by the Microsoft advanced specialization for Meeting and Meeting Rooms for Teams. ​


Gain access to our experts to help support your Teams Phone and meetings deployments.​​

Our team of experts can provide you with a path of escalation for Teams Phone and meeting solutions. Cyclotron can help to bridge the gap between vendors and Microsoft to provide your team with expert guidance and troubleshooting for any calling or meeting challenge.

Teams Phone

Begin your Teams Phone journey with Cyclotron’s Teams Phone Enablement.​​

Our experts will provide end-to-end services to enable a Teams Phone proof-of-concept or pilot. Cyclotron expertise in Teams Phone is recognized by Microsoft through our advanced specialization in Calling for Microsoft Teams. Working with your team, we will develop a Teams Phone solution to meet your needs from envisioning, design, configuration, testing, and implementation. Cyclotron will help you access Teams Phone capabilities while provide guidance for selecting and procurement of the personal device’s users need to make Teams Phone adoption successful.


Want to move to Teams Phone? Cyclotron’s transformation services help you plan and implement enterprise transformations to Teams Phone.​​

Leveraging our years of experience helping customers plan and execute transformations to Microsoft solutions, Cyclotron will lead your organization through enterprise telephony migrations. We have successfully delivered Teams Phone rollouts for organizations of all sizes. Cyclotron’s team will help with transformations such as retiring a legacy PBX, consolidating onto a single phone system, tenant-to-tenant migrations including mergers/acquisitions, and more.

"If you don't have time
to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?"

- John Woodson

Let us help you do it right.

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