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Get the most out of your security tools. 


The Cyclotron Advantage

Even the best IT departments can feel challenged when juggling secure access to your environment, cloud apps, devices and user data at the right levels while continuously monitoring and responding to data threats. 


Our team of security experts crafts a custom security strategy for your organization to help you manage your enterprise’s security, on all levels. 


Our insights provide a clear path forward through your complex, and sometimes competing, business requirements.  


We’re here to help you tackle the whole problem by translating your complex business needs into practical security solutions. 

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Practical security solutions for today’s business climate

What we help you do

Zero-Trust deployments 

Zero-Trust architecture involves more than just your security tooling. We reimagine and re-architect your identity & access strategy, device management, infrastructure, applications, and data access through a zero-trust lens. Leverage the full capabilities of the tools you own to achieve a cloud & on-premises security architecture that aligns with your future vision.  


Make your ideal environment become your current environment. Get a full assessment of Microsoft 365 device management, identity, applications and data against your requirements, Microsoft best-practices, and Cyclotron enterprise security expertise.  Receive a detailed assessment and practical roadmap for aligning your ideal security configuration with a detailed implementation.  

Microsoft 365 Defender 

Improve your security strategy and your SOC efficiency with Microsoft 365 Defender. For E5 Security customers, we guide full-service implementation of Microsoft 365 Defender capabilities across devices, identities, applications and long-term operations. Cyclotron also covers the complete Microsoft best-practices configurations for device policy, access configurations, Privileged Identity Management, Identity Governance and more to ensure full value realization from E5 Security capabilities.  

Azure Security 

Infrastructure vulnerabilities are complex to detect and resolve at both application-level vulnerabilities and infrastructure misconfigurations. Cyclotron guides customers through infrastructure assessment, design and deployment of long-term security protection. Customers stay up-to-date with industry-leading security intelligence to inform their security teams the moment a cloud or on-premises vulnerability is detected, its scope, and specific instruction for how to remediate.  

Azure Sentinel 

Automate your enterprise security approach with combined intelligence and orchestration across any security component while leveraging the best of Microsoft security capabilities. Cyclotron's Sentinel deployment helps organizations prepare their data connectors, playbooks, costs, and operations to make Sentinel work for them.  


Bring Cyclotron's intelligence and experience directly into your operations on Microsoft security, compliance, identity, endpoint management and more. We provide regular security assessments, designs, POCs and customized announcement briefs to keep you up-to-speed with new capabilities you can use in Microsoft 365. Cyclotron's vast experience becomes your tool to ensure your approach always aligns with the best of technology available to you. 

Security Overview

"If you don't have time
to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?"

- John Woodson

Let us help you do it right

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