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People are our priority. Excellence is our essence.  

All of our values at Cyclotron are centered around creating more than just a results-oriented team. We are a community connected by our passion for what we do, our drive to deliver, our respect for each other, and our desire to truly know one another and form real human connections in a virtual and inclusive workplace.  

We celebrate milestones and special events with each other, create space to share things about our lives beyond work, and we support each other’s goals and the vision of the company.  

Our Values


Every day we strive for constant innovation, which is only possible with people that are supported, cared for, and valued.  


We value transparency and know that not only should we trust you, but we want you to trust us. We are open and honest about our business practices and discuss our challenges and successes with everyone on the team. Our senior management team, starting with the CEO, has an “open-door policy” and regularly checks in with all employees, asking for feedback and addressing concerns. 


We traverse new strategies and create new workflows by empowering our team members to take risks, share ideas, and make suggestions. We believe that people who feel empowered to share ideas are more motivated and feel a sense of pride over their work. Every voice at Cyclotron is valuable. 


Diversity is not only top of mind for us, we see it as a necessity for success. We believe that people of all experience levels, backgrounds, and beliefs have valuable contributions that enrich our company, and also provide our clients with expansive perspectives and human-centered consulting.  

Equity & Fairness

We are committed to fostering a fair workplace by providing adequate compensation for every team member and offering equitable opportunities to everyone. This means unbiased promotions, equal recognition and rewards, equal distribution of tasks, and most importantly, regular and open feedback.  

To keep our focus on a fair workplace, we start with trust and respecting each team member as a whole person, not confined to their role at work. We offer a flexible work environment that is fully remote for most employees. In addition, we offer unlimited time off. We trust team members to honor their work responsibilities and commitments while remaining outcomes-oriented.   

We’re on a mission. Join us.

Congratulations – you’re in the right time, at the right place, doing the right thing. Cyclotron represents a unique opportunity to work with a modern, action-oriented consultancy, alongside exceedingly talented developers and engineers.


It’s a peer-supported environment that honors the talent you bring to the table and fosters a career accelerating cross-pollination with like-minded technologists. We seek out and encourage exposure to new client challenges and responding to technical approaches. We honor work/life balance, but strive to have a good time regardless of which side of the slash you tip towards.

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