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Enhancing Employee Experience at Associated Food Stores

AFS wanted to improve employee access to communications and resources, as well as reinforce its company culture. We delivered results with Viva Connections and Viva Engage.


Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, Associated Food Stores, LLC operates as a cooperatively owned wholesale distributor, serving nearly 500 independent supermarkets across eight states. AFS plays a pivotal role in empowering its members to compete against national chains.


AFS sought to elevate its employee experience and reinforce its organizational culture, targeting both frontline workers and knowledge workers. They wanted to improve the end user experience of accessing company resources and receiving communications. AFS set out to revitalize its internal communication infrastructure and create a more cohesive and efficient platform for its workforce.


We collaborated with the client to design a new intranet home page and two department sites, using Viva Connections. The AFS team received training in technical design, administration, and support. We deployed Viva Engage and Viva Connections, providing targeted communication and training for end users and site owners. For user adoption, we established a Change Champion Network to advocate and facilitate the integration within the organization.


By implementing Viva Connections and Viva Engage, AFS is actively strengthening its company culture, communication, engagement, and employee inclusion initiatives. The introduction of Viva Engage was met with immediate and enthusiastic adoption. The positive response from employees underscores the effective alignment of these solutions with AFS's goals for fostering a vibrant and connected workplace. In addition, we helped AFS set up the intranet and trained their users in best practices. This opens the door to deliver on a key next step on their roadmap: onboarding a third large organization to their communications platform.

“The systematic approach of Cyclotron’s experts set us up for success. They kept the project on track and ensured a high level of employee engagement across the company.”

-Gale Woodland, Programming Supervisor of Information Technology, Associated Food Stores



average weekly Viva Connections visits per employee


Viva Engage Communities launched


employees served in deployment and change communication

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Case Study-AFS
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