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Leveraging Microsoft Edge Profiles

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Author: Jason Sloan | Senior Cloud Consultant and Teams Voice Lead

As Microsoft continues to improve the new Edge browser, one of the newest features that will be most helpful is the use of’ ‘Profiles.’

It’s no secret that it can become incredibly problematic in the Microsoft ecosystem when trying to navigate through multiple tenants. Either you must use InPrivate browsing, close browsers to end sessions (and pray that works) or use different browsers; all of these little nuances add up to a time suck.

As a consultant, I'm constantly in and out of customer browsers, in addition to demo tenants for testing purposes, so I’m always in a constant search to make this process easier.

Well no longer, since the Chromium based Edge browser has fixed it.

How to use Microsoft Edge Profiles

If you are using this for tenant management purposes, you simply start by adding a profile for each tenant and login accordingly from within the browser:

Once you add each profile, you will still need to set the homepage for each profile.

A common mistake is when you are adding a profile and doing it from the site, as an example, that first profile you signed in with may follow you to each profile you set up thereafter. You may need to go into each profile after you set it up, sign into the portal then add that page to the “On Startup” browser setting:

Once it’s all complete, you’ll see multiple profiles in the window, and when you click on a profile to log in, it will open up a separate Edge window for each profile so you can work within multiple tenants at one time.

Who should use this feature

  • Consultants who need to manage multiple tenants

  • Managed Service Providers who need to manage multiple tenants

  • Customers who may be leveraging demo tenants

This is not only a convenient feature to help manage multiple tenants, but I would consider it a safety feature as well. It is very possible that if you are trying to work in multiple tenants the old way, that you could easily think you are in a test tenant and make a configuration change to a production tenant. I recommend moving forward using the new Edge browser for this added benefit, alone.

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