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Cyclotron Hires Pontus Strindlund to Lead Power Platform Practice

Cyclotron, a San Francisco-based business technology consultancy, is pleased to announce the hiring of Pontus Strindlund to build out and lead its Microsoft Power Platform practice. Strindlund brings over 14 years of Microsoft consulting experience to Cyclotron, most recently at Cognizant Microsoft Business Group, where he led their North American Power Platform group.

Power Platform is Microsoft’s low-code/no-code software development platform, and it offers a massive paradigm shift in how organizations are able to build and adopt software in response to fast-evolving business changes. Low-code/no-code development allows organizations of any size to lean on the creativity and adaptability of their people to drive enterprise-level innovation with unprecedented speed—unhindered by the typically long and expensive life cycles of conventional software development.

From solutions for business process automation to mobile apps, websites, chatbots, databases, and more, Power Platform delivers low-code/no-code capability that is natively compatible with the entire range of Microsoft ecosystems and over 900 non-Microsoft application and SaaS services.

“What makes Cyclotron’s Power Platform practice unique is our dual focus on building out the low-code/no-code solutions our customers need and providing a range of ongoing support services at the same time as we focus on the end users with our organizational change management team.” says Strindlund. “These services include training our customers’ in-house teams, developing custom API integrations with non-Microsoft platforms they already use, and helping them manage the change that ripples throughout their organizations following the introduction of these solutions.”

“Pontus has been evangelizing and educating others on Power Platform ever since its launch in 2016,” says Amber Bahl, founder and CEO of Cyclotron. “I’m thrilled that our customers will have the opportunity to benefit from his unparalleled expertise in this area. Low-code/no-code development is here to stay, and it’s revolutionizing how software and businesses are built.”

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