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Baljinder Singh

Director of Delivery

Baljinder Singh is the Head of Delivery for Cyclotron Group, a Microsoft Managed Partner based in San Francisco. Baljinder is an accomplished program manager with 19 years of business management and information technology experience in systems integration, complemented with extensive IT consulting experience across industries such as Travel, Banking, Finance, and Healthcare.

Baljinder has been working in the Microsoft Managed Partner space as a Program Manager for last 6 years and brings extensive experience moving companies to the cloud.

Baljinder has a B.Tech in Computer Science from India and did his MBA from Colorado State University. Baljinder lives in the beautiful city of Santa Clarita on the outskirts of Los Angeles with his wife Nidhi and two boys Aryaman (13) and Aditya (7). Baljinder suffers from wanderlust and uses every chance to take his family out in their trailer and be with mother nature.


Baljinder Singh
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