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Amber Bahl

CEO & Founder

Amber Bahl is the founder and CEO of Cyclotron Group. Amber has over a decade of experience as a technology industry executive and an innovator. In the span of just four years, he has grown the Cyclotron Group into a global team of over 50 technologists and service delivery specialists around the globe. Amber has a history of successfully growing and transforming companies organically and through the development of synergistic partnerships. His leadership and technology insight has resulted in innovative service delivery models along with multiple successful software products and collaboration platforms. His reputation in the industry enables him to continually attract and retain top engineering talent across the globe.

Amber was born in India and has lived in New York, Boston and Seattle. He has called San Francisco home for the last eight years. Amber has a deep appreciation for global and local cuisines and craft cocktails – not necessarily in that order. Measuring in at a formidable 5' 7", Amber has played in four basketball nationals. So, yes, he’s got game.

Amber Bahl
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