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What's new in Compliance Manager (Dec 2022)

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Nathan Berger

Security Practice Lead, Cyclotron Microsoft announced today the re-introduction of Microsoft Compliance Manager with some massive news for all Microsoft 365 customers.

If you're not familiar: Microsoft Compliance Manager (docs) is Microsoft's unified solution for steady-state compliance management, snapshot reports, customized to your organization. Microsoft maintains over 350+ assessment templates across industries, countries, and security regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, NIST, and more. The tool allows export of controls - both your organization and Microsoft's controls - for auditors to quickly understand & interpret your compliance control evidence. It's part of the overall Microsoft Purview compliance stack.

The most important points summarized:

  • Price drop from $30,000/year/template -> $6,000/year/template

  • 3 free templates for Microsoft 365 E5 customers

  • Templates are now grouped - meaning assessments now include overlapping templates (CMMC/FedRamp) and versioned templates (PCI Rev. 3 versus Rev. 4).

Cyclotron worked directly with Microsoft Compliance Specialists to develop a comprehensive deployment approach for Compliance Manager implementation for organizations.

Here's what we offer in addition to the new Microsoft capabilities for Compliance Manager customers today:

  • Comprehensive guidance for implementing Compliance Manager as a part of your compliance program, including:

    • Comprehensive training & education on how to best leverage Compliance Manager features.

    • Design of roles & responsibilities using Compliance Manager assessment capabilities to expedite operations.

    • Curation of a customized report package for auditors to quickly understand & interpret Compliance Manager assessment reports.

    • Design and guidance for long-term compliance management operations using steady-state management in Compliance Manager.

    • Oversight of the operation for a limited time period (45 days) to ensure success, build compliance team confidence in practical tool usage, and help interpret Microsoft Compliance Manager data for effective client use.

Cyclotron can help you realize maximum value from Compliance Manager. Reach out to me below if you're interested.

Microsoft's announcement can be found here.

Nathan Berger

Security Practice Lead, Cyclotron

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