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Fueling growth and innovation using Microsoft Teams

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

We are privileged to be featured by Microsoft as a key innovator for using Microsoft Teams as a platform!

We are extremely proud and honored to be recognized by Microsoft for our contribution and hard work in building solutions that support the changing work environment needs of our customers.

The dedication and long hours of work put in by all our team members has helped us earn this appreciation. While we continuously keep striving towards our goals, we promise to keep up the pace and commitment to deliver technology, services and solutions that enable business transformations around the globe.

Mr. Amber Bahl, our CEO & Founder, said, “We see Teams as a new cloud operating system or cloud shell that caters to all enterprise customers to build the next generation of cloud apps. These are a new breed of apps that can be built once and deployed to all the devices with a single code base.” \

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